Lawrence hosts ABC TV doco series OUR BRAIN

Lawrence is the presenter of OUR BRAIN, a 4-part ABC TV science documentary series about the most impressive organ you have… not that one.

Breakthroughs in brain imaging and genetics has made it possible to understand how the interplay of genes and environment affect the mind, and ultimately, tell us how to live better.

The OUR BRAIN series is a TV compilation of knowledge covering the mind, featuring the work of top science docomakers, leading neuroscientists, case studies and fascinating research to give you a user’s guide to the secrets behind that squishy grey matter in your skull. Lawrence might even donate himself as a guinea pig in an experiment or two…

Over 4 weeks, episodes will help us understand CONSCIOUSNESS, become SMARTER, get a better night’s SLEEP and how to be HAPPIER.

OUR BRAIN 9:30pm from Tuesdays 31 May 2022 ABC TV and stream NOW on iView.

NETFLIX: Lawrence plays “Daniel” in New Comedy Series “WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS”

Now appearing on Netflix globally, the new 6-part ABC-produced comedy series is a hilarious and twisted take on being young and (overly) self-aware in the modern day.

WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS follows best friends Mia, Penny and Austin plunder through their early twenties in the hyper-divisive, socio-political hellscape of modern day, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

Lawrence plays series regular DANIEL, the nonchalant yet long-suffering co-worker to Penny.

Check out the whole series on iView In Australia: CLICK HERE or on Netflix elsewhere.

Starring Wil King, Naomi Higgins, Olivia Junkeer.

ABC COMEDY TV PILOT – Why Are You Like This?

Lawrence plays coder Daniel in the ABC Comedy Fresh Blood TV pilot WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?



Best friends Penny and Mia are navigating their 20s in Melbourne. Guided by their own modern day moral code, they confront complex social issues in an outrage-driven world, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.


Created by Naomi Higgins, Mark Samual Bonanno and Humyara Mahbub


FRESH BLOOD is a ground-breaking ABC and Screen Australia initiative that seeks to uncover the next generation of Australian comedy talent. There are four pilots and only one will be commissioned for full series. Let’s hope it’s this one.



Comedian and human guinea pig Lawrence donated his mind and body for science in an all new episode of ABC’s science program Catalyst. He presents SLEEP MATTERS a hour-long documentary about the science and importance of getting a good night’s shut eye. The documentary includes encounters with sleep scientists, researchers, tired late-night DJ and elite athletes. Perhaps a highlight (or lowlight in his sanity!) involved Lawrence participating in an extreme sleep deprivation experiment, trapped inside a Monash Uni laboratory with no clocks, no windows and no iphone. Then to look at the effects on his brain and body, straight away, he had to perform a new stand up routine at a packed comedy club (written whilst half asleep in the lab)! Did he die on-stage (in comedy terms)?

What’s Sleep for, what happens if you go without it and what can you do to improve it? It aired this Tues 27th on ABC TV

Full episode is now online on iView: WATCH HERE


Lawrence appeared in two productions having their Australian premieres at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival. He played roles in the eagerly anticipated Jane Campion mini-series TOP OF THE LAKE: SEASON 2 and Tin Pang’s heart-wrenchingly honest short MOTHER CHILD.


Currently airing on BBC2, the series continues the story of Detective Robin (Elisabeth Moss) who returns to Sydney for a fresh start, however, the wounds of the past are deep. Encounters with a mysterious suitcase, the dark-side of Sydney and troubled memories, the series also stars Nicole Kidman and Gwendolyn Christie (Brienne from Game of Thrones!)

Playing against type (we promise), Lawrence portrayed NATE  a sleazy computer geek who administers a website that reviews brothels.


Lawrence also appeared in MOTHER CHILD portraying a complex relationship alongside Gabby Chan in Tin Pang’s deeply honest and personal short film. Based on the filmmakers’ own life, the short film is about what happens when roles are reversed and children must now care for parents. Also the role was an unique challenge as it was a 14min one-take film with no cuts or edits – much like a stage play but with choreography between actors, the camera and the art design. Read more about the movie here:

MAXIMUM CHOPPAGE Airs February 24 on ABC2

ABC2 officially announces the air date for Australia’s first kung fu comedy series. Tuesday February 24, 9pm.

Maximum Choppage is a painfully funny, six-part, genre-busting action/comedy series written by Lawrence Leung, Josh Maplestone and Duncan Sarkis (Flight of the Conchords). Here’s the trailer:

Lawrence plays the unqualified hero Simon Chan, who is reluctantly trying to save his town with his best pals, Petal (Stephanie Son) and Egg (Dave Eastgate). The hilarious cast includes Kathryn Yuen as Simon’s mum, Darren Gilshenan, Georgina Haig, Jason Chong, Andy Trieu, Anthony Brandon Wong,  Fellino Delloso, Jackson Reine and Lap Phan.

Oh and let’s not forget about the awesome stunts by the Dong Tam crew.

Directed by Craig Melville and produced by Sophie Miller & Julie Eckersley at MatchboxPictures (NBC Universal),  MaximumChoppage is unlike anything seen on Aussie TV at the moment and we’re all pretty excited about it.

Cabramatta needs a hero. Instead they got Simon, Egg and Petal.

Tuesdays from FEBRUARY 24. 9pm. ABC2

MAXIMUM CHOPPAGE begins shooting

We are proud to announce that Lawrence has begun shooting a 6-part genre-busting action/comedy series named MAXIMUM CHOPPAGE, a co-production between ABC2 and Matchbox Pictures/NBCUniversal.

Lawrence is set to play the reluctant hero Simon Chan alongside Dave Eastgate, Stephanie Son, Darren Gilshenan, Anthony Brandon Wong, Jason Chong, Andy Trieu, Georgina Haig, Lap Phan and Felino Dolloso. Talented newcomer Kathryn Yuen will play his character’s mum.


The production is currently filming in Cabramatta and locations across Sydney with fight choreography by Trung Ly and his Dong Tam stunt team. Lawrence is expected to do his stunts!


He is also one of the writers (penning three eps) alongside Duncan Sarkis (Flight of the Conchords) and Josh Maplestone. The series is directed by Craig Melville who was also a director for Lawrence’s previous two ABC1 shows Choose Your Own Adventure and Unbelievable.


The series is expected to go to air on ABC2 in early 2015.

Correspondent for The Feed (SBS2)

Lawrence also appears on SBS2’s  The Feed as a guest reporter. The Feed is a news/technology/culture show on weeknights 7:30pm on SBS2.

Some stories required him to “immerse” himself into a subculture. For example, Lawrence armed himself with a foam rubber sword and GoPro camera and go into battle against 300 Live Action Role Players in a forest for a story about LARPing.

Here are a selection of his reports:

Lawrence is trapped in an Escape Room


Dead celebrities can still sell you stuff

Moody Superheroes: Why So Serious?

Do Spoilers actually improve movie/TV viewing?

Magicians & Time Travellers

Celebrity Reality Shows

Ryan Gosling


King Kong & Musical Monkey Business

Shit Videogames

New videos will be added as they go to air.

‘House Husbands’ Cameo

Lawrence plays against type as Jasper – the rude owner of a “Melbourne hipster cafe”.

In episode 2 of Channel Nine’s successful TV drama series House Husbands, Kane (Gyton Grantley) seeks a job at Jasper’s Cafe but is knocked back by Jasper (Lawrence) who is less than impressed and more concerned with checking his tweets. Later, he comes back to the cafe offering to sell Jasper a consignment of his homemade specialty: “Kane’s Pies”.

Lawrence’s disillusioned pie eating reached 1.2million viewers. Logie for Most Unconvincing Hipster, anyone?