A brand new live show for the Melbourne and Sydney comedy festivals!




Lawrence wants to be like Sherlock. All he needs is a case to solve, a loyal assistant and a nemesis. Apply within.


Taking cues from the world’s greatest sleuth, Lawrence battles wits, exposes lies and uncovers hidden truths. Can anyone become a great detective or is he just deceiving himself?


The new show from the beardy guy behind Lawrence Wants A Jetpack and Lawrence Learns to Breakdance (Winner Age Critics’ Award 2007 Melbourne International Comedy Festival) and the ABC TV comedy shows Choose Your Own Adventure and Unbelievable.


Nice words about his previous show:

“FOUR STARS” - The Times (UK)

“Leung really knocks it out of the park. FOUR STARS” - Herald Sun

“A master storyteller with spot-on comic timing.” - The West Australian




March 28-April 21

Swiss Club, 89 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD

Tue-Sat 9.30pm, Sun 8.30pm





Wednesday 24 - 28 April

The Factory Theatre, Marrickville

Wed-Sat 9:15pm, Sunday 8:15pm


Plus extra show just announced for Sydney:

Tue 30 April, 7:15PM

The Concourse, Chatswood, NSW







A Meeting of Skeptics


Three weeks before the Mayan Calendar’s Apocalypse, Lawrence was a guest speaker at the 2012 Australian Skeptics National Convention.


photo: Mark Hassed


Despite the title, skeptics do seem to believe in things - like defending science and ‘calling bullshit’ over media myths, medical hoaxes and bogus scientific claims. They do this online, in courtrooms, in the media and mostly over beers in the pub, but this time they gathered at Melbourne Uni’s Spot Theatre for two days of panels with scientists, educators, critical thinking activists and exposers of quackery.


photo: Mark Hassed


Speakers include McKinnon Secondary’s maths teacher Adam Van Langenberg who set up a lunchtime “Sceptic School”, US blogger Rebecca Watson gave a fantastic talk on social media activism. ‘Point of Inquiry’ host and JREF President, DJ Grothe painted picture of pro-science activism in every corner of the globe from US to India. Renowned skeptic James Randi gave a keynote address about his adventurous career as a stage-magician-turned-crusader exposing fraudulant “psychics”, pseudoscientific claims and superstition.


James Randi and Lawrence who hasn’t perfected his sceptical face.



Lawrence spoke about his experiences making “Unbelievable” a globe-trotting 6-part comedy documentary series that investigated the impossible and irrational. Originally pitched as “Ghostbusters meets Mythbusters”, the ABC1 series became a unique and beloved combination of science, psychology and comedy.





Via Powerpoint, nice font choice and painstaking research into what makes TED Talks so “inspirational” (lots of pacing of the stage and ironed shirts tucked in jeans), Lawrence’s presentation went back to where it all began: from debunking Santa at his primary school to explaining how a geek managed to convince a TV network to make a comedy series promoting science and reason. He also covered some fun behind-the-scenes encounters, the reaction to the series both positive and negative, and argued that a vital mix of “entertainment and education” can be so much more than your Year 10 science teacher doing Uranus jokes.


Big congrats to the VicSkeptics for convening the event.




Part Stand Up, Part Comic Book, Part Radio Show



As part of GRAPHIC FESTIVAL, Lawrence is telling a fun story on-stage at the Sydney Opera House while comic book artist Leigh Rigozzi illustrates it on the big screen. The two will be accompanied with a live soundtrack by cellist Pete Hollo. This is gonna be so much fun!



The event is called RADIO WITH PICTURES and matches storytellers, comedians, writers and radio makers with artists and musicians for a “live radio recording” vibe of yesteryear.


Storytellers include Lawrence Leung, Nina Las Vegas, Anna Barnes and Courtney Collins, a new work by John Birmingham adapted for radio by Simon Bedak and Jamie McNamara.


They are paired with illustrations from Biddy Maroney, Georgia Perry, Matt Huynh, Sara Drake, Leigh Riggozi, Matt Taylor, Brian Duong with musical support from Lilith Lane, Sam Worrad, Peter Hollo, Adam Hulbert and Luke Mynott.


(photo: FBI Radio)






but there’s a



In a bar there’s a LIVE simulcast at The Hive Bar in Erskineville in Sydney.

We’re told digital radios will be on hand screening images alongside the radio broadcast.

Sun 11th Nov 3:30pm SHARP

The Hive Bar is at 93 Erskineville Road, Erskineville.



The Game Gameshow




As part of the International Library Games Day, Lawrence Leung and Ben McKenzie present The Game Gameshow - a free panel-style gameshow live on stage!


It’s Spicks & specks meets Street Fighter as two teams of gamers, bloggers, comedians and musicians go head-to-head and thumbs-to-controller in the ultimate gameshow about games! Videogames, board games, parlour games…you name it, we’ll ask questions about it, as two teams of three compete for…well, really just to say they won. They’re gamers after all!


Host Ben McKenzie (Dungeon Crawl, Late Night Letters and Numbers) will ask the questions and lawyer the rules, while Team Captain Lawrence Leung leads Leena van Deventer (game correspondent for Tech Talk Radio and writer for Tin Man Games) and Nicholas J Johnson (comedian and honest con man) into battle against opposing Team Captain Sarah Jones (comedian and ventriloquist) and her teammates Scott Edgar (Tripod) and Kirsty Adolphe (New Game Plus).


WHEN: Saturday 3 November; The Game Gameshow begins at 4 PM
WHERE: In the Experimedia Space at the State Library of Victoria, corner of La Trobe and Swanston Street, Melbourne
TICKETS: There aren’t any! This is a free event. Turn up early to check out the rest of International Library Games Day at the SLV, then stick around for our part of the fun!


For more info about International Library Games Day at the State Library of Victoria, go here:





Returning to Australia after an acclaimed season at London’s Soho Theatre, Lawrence takes his live show “Beginning Middle End” to capital cities around the country.



Friday Oct 26 - Show One Tickets - Click Here

Saturday Oct 27 - Show Two Tickets  - Click Here



Sunday Oct 28 - Factory Theatre Tickets - Click Here



8-11 May 2013 - Tickets On sale Oct24 - Click Here



It’s a show about storytelling,

bizarre fan fiction,

accidental fist-fights,

Colin Firth and whales.

Everyone has a story to tell, but when it comes to his own life,

has Lawrence lost the plot?


A new storytelling stand up show from the beardy guy behind Lawrence Wants A Jetpack (Soho Theatre, London 2011) and Lawrence Learns to Breakdance (Winner Age Critics’ Award, Melbourne International Comedy Festival) and the Australian TV shows Choose Your Own Adventure (nominated for an AFI Award for Best TV Comedy) and Unbelievable.



We’re looking forward to them! See you there.




‘House Husbands’ Cameo

Lawrence plays against type as Jasper – the rude owner of a “Melbourne hipster cafe”.


In episode 2 of Channel Nine’s successful TV drama series House Husbands, Kane (Gyton Grantley) seeks a job at Jasper’s Cafe but is knocked back by Jasper (Lawrence) who is less than impressed and more concerned with checking his tweets. Later, he comes back to the cafe offering to sell Jasper a consignment of his homemade specialty: “Kane’s Pies”.



Lawrence’s disillusioned pie eating reached 1.2million viewers. Logie for Most Unconvincing Hipster, anyone?




We are very excited to announce that Lawrence’s new live comedy show will be having a limited season in London in July 2012.




*   *   *   *

It’s a show about storytelling,

bizarre fan fiction,

accidental fist-fights,

Colin Firth and whales.

Everyone has a story to tell, but when it comes to his own life,

has Lawrence lost the plot?



Strictly Limited 2 Week Season

Monday July 2- Sat July 14, 9:30pm

SOHO THEATRE, 21 Dean St, London W1D 3NE



A new show from the beardy guy behind Lawrence Wants A Jetpack and Lawrence Learns to Breakdance (Winner Age Critics’ Award, Melbourne International Comedy Festival). Lawrence Leung is a multi-award winning stand-up comic and creator of the Australian TV showsChoose Your Own Adventure (nominated for an AFI Award for Best TV Comedy) and Unbelievable.


*      *      *


Reviews for Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2012 season:


“The show is frequently hilarious…

Leung really knocks it out of the park with a brilliant and satisfying finale.

A terrific show.  FOUR STARS ”



“A feel-good hour of charismatic yarn-spinning. FOUR STARS”

- Steve Bennett, CHORTLE


“Beginning, Middle, End is Leung at his best…

A wonderfully written and cleverly structured show.

The beginning is good, the middle is great, and the ending is marvellous.”



The Emerging Writer

What is a writer? Someone who writes, not talks about writing.



Lawrence is a contributor to the new anthology The Emerging Writer. His piece is about mistaken identity and the funny job of finding ideas for comedy. If you aspire to be a novelist, journalist, blogger, comedian, critic or screenwriter – or just someone who wants to learn how not to procrastinate – this book has some very useful tips from some pretty ace people who do the writing thing for a living.


A better description of the book can be found here and it’s also available in ebook form for those annoying people on trains with cool gadgets.


Lawrence will also appear at the The Emerging Writers’ Festival (May 24 – June 3, 2012) a Melbourne institution that prides on calling itself the “Festival For Writers”.  There’s forums, panels, performances and cerebral piss-ups. There’s even a Spelling Bee competition where editors and writers can go head-to-head, arguing over the correct letters in “bivouacking” and “haemorrhage”.


As one of the “ambassadors” for writers’ conference, Lawrence will appear on panels and workshops about industry relationships, advice for emerging writers and the nitty-gritty of comedy performance. Come and heckle him.



Lawrence Finds Australia’s TopGeek

After 5 months of heats and challenges, TopGeek2.0, the search for Australia’s most tech-savvy, pop culture-obsessed human, came to a nerdy climactic conclusion. On May 10, 2012, Lawrence was Ringmaster for the massive Grand Final showdown at Perth’s State Theatre and the clash was streamed LIVE across Australia on iiNet’s FreezoneTV.



Lawrence (aka The Twelfth  Doctor) – photos: iiNet


The Six TopGeek2.0 Finalists each brought their own specialty – Cem Selamet (Fandom), Skaidris Gunsmith (Internet), Rhiannon Davies (Art), Rhys Elsmore (Technology), Steve Wright (Gaming) and Cody Davis (Popular Choice Wild Card Entry). They and battled it out over two rounds of trivia with Double Dare-styled physical “geek” challenges, on a TV gameshow set that was appropriately designed.


TopGeek2.0 stage (above)    vs      IT CROWD office (below)


The winner who rose to the top of the pile of blood, sweat and Zelda T-shirts, was Steve Wright, aka Stevivor, a gaming journalist from Melbourne.


Lawrence: “What were the names of Batman’s murdered parents?”

Steve:  ”Martha and Bruce Wayne.”

Lawrence: “Incorrect.”


Steve: “Dammit! Thomas! Thomas Wayne!”




Dishes up advice as an Agony Uncle

Lawrence sat in a chair to reveal, confess, squirm and laugh at the awkward rites of passage that make up the modern Australian male in the new 6-part ABC1 series AGONY UNCLES.



Described as “Wrong. Inappropriate. Confessional. Illuminating”, the embarrassingly honest talking-head series invited some of Australia’s wittiest and wisest (?) celebrity gents to “put their reputations on the line to tell you what it’s really like to be single, cohabitate, marry, divorce and then be single again in the 21st century”. The result is a fun program that might help clueless guys out (and help women avoid such guys).





A year and a half ago, series creator Adam Zwar (Wilfred, Lowdown) grilled Lawrence on his thoughts on the do’s and don’ts of picking-up, falling in love and getting his heart broken. Lawrence considers his advice to be more in the “this is what you should NOT do” camp and regrets recalling some of the embarrassing anecdotes he bared to the nation.


The other AGONY UNCLES include Waleed Aly (broadcaster, academic), Adam Elliot (Academy Award winning animator), father & son John/Tom Elliott, Kick Gurry, Ed Kavalee (actor, TV host), Andrew Knight (screenwriter, producer), Josh Lawson (actor, screenwriter) and Lawrence Mooney (comedian) who many think stole the show with his infectious laughter and self-deprecation.


It was screened Wednesdays on 9:30 ABC1 in Australia during March/April, 2012.