Lawrence Hosts JAMES RANDI Tour

Lawrence is thrilled to be hosting events with one of his childhood heroes - the brilliant magician, sceptic, author, paranormal investigator James Randi - for the Syd/Melb/Bris leg of his national tour.



James Randi (known as ‘The Amazing Randi’) enjoyed an international reputation as a magician and escape artist, but he is perhaps best known in the last three decades as the world’s most tireless investigator and de-mystifier of paranormal and pseudoscientific claims.


Some of you may remember Randi from the Psychics episode of the TV series LAWRENCE LEUNG’S UNBELIEVABLE (ABC1) when Lawrence tried to fool the professional sceptic with his magical crystal ball (with ipad hidden inside) to win Randi’s $1million psychic challenge. He “busted” Lawrence straight away.


Randi is touring in December with his doco “AN HONEST LIAR” and Lawrence is hosting the Q&A in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney about the fascinating career and tales from this (de)mystifying 86 year old. Richard Saunders from SkepticZone will be opening the evenings and there’s a chance to meet the Amazing Randi too.


Tickets/info: Think Inc.

Part-Time Detective Agency heads to the Perth Comedy Festival




Lawrence wants to be like Sherlock.

All he needs is a case to solve, a loyal assistant and a nemesis.

Apply within.


Taking cues from the world’s greatest sleuth, Lawrence battles wits, exposes lies and uncovers hidden truths.

Can anyone become a great detective or is he just deceiving himself?



4 shows only from May 14 -17


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“****” The Times (UK)

“A master storyteller with spot-on comic timing.” - The West Australian

Thatchers Cider House @ Mt Lawley Bowling Club

You can read a review of the show at arts-hub here.

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SUCKER the Movie – in production



April 2014: Shooting has commenced in Melbourne and regional Victoria on SUCKER, a coming-of-age comedy about a 17 year old Chinese-Australian named Lawrence who befriends a charming con artist and his daughter.



The film is the adaptation of Lawrence Leung’s award-winning one-man stage show he wrote and performed… also called Sucker . He has toured the production in over 100 performances around Australia, Edinburgh, Dublin, NZ, including a critically-acclaimed season at the Sydney Opera House in 2002.


Photo: Ben Chessell directs. Lawrence distracts.


The screenplay is co-written by Lawrence and Ben Chessell, who also directs. This marks Chessell’s feature film debut having directed episodes of Offspring, Rush, Dance Academy and the one hour 2005 telemovie, The Heartbreak Tour.



Sucker started off as a story I told on a stage with a slide projector and a deck of cards,” says Leung, “A decade later, the show has transformed into a feature film! As someone who knows a thing or two about cons, naturally this sounds too good to be true! I am so thrilled and can’t wait to rope some suckers… er… audiences into the world we have created.”

The film stars YouTube sensation John Luc as “Lawrence”, veteran British actor Timothy Spall (whose work includes the Harry Potter films and Mike Leigh’s upcoming Mr Turner*) and Lily Sullivan (Mental, Galore). Kat Stewart, Jacek Koman round out the excellent cast. There’s also a cameo from Shaun Micaleff.

* UPDATE May 2014 – Congrats to Timothy Spall who has won the Best Actor award at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival for Mr Turner.  We are thrilled he has chosen ‘The Professor’ in Sucker as his next role.


“Lawrence’s world is one you’ve never seen before – it’s fresh, exciting and warm,” promises director Ben Chessell, “We travel into this new world and realise the people in it are just like us, we discover ourselves in his world. The shape of a good con is like the shape of a good movie: it sets up a world, it charms you, sucks you in, then it does something completely unexpected and surprising. It delights – trust me!”


More about the original Sucker stage show. Click here

Who is playing 17 year old “Lawrence” in the film? Click here

Whereabouts in Victoria is it being filmed? Click here



MAXIMUM CHOPPAGE begins shooting


We are proud to announce that Lawrence has begun shooting a 6-part genre-busting action/comedy series named MAXIMUM CHOPPAGE, a co-production between ABC2 and Matchbox Pictures/NBCUniversal.



Lawrence is set to play the reluctant hero Simon Chan alongside Dave Eastgate, Stephanie Son, Darren Gilshenan, Anthony Brandon Wong, Jason Chong, Andy Trieu, Georgina Haig, Lap Phan and Felino Dolloso. Talented newcomer Kathryn Yuen will play his character’s mum.

The production is currently filming in Cabramatta and locations across Sydney with fight choreography by Trung Ly and his Dong Tam stunt team. Lawrence is expected to do his stunts!

He is also one of the writers (penning three eps) alongside Duncan Sarkis (Flight of the Conchords) and Josh Maplestone. The series is directed by Craig Melville who was also a director for Lawrence’s previous two ABC1 shows Choose Your Own Adventure and Unbelievable.

The series is expected to go to air on ABC2 in early 2015.


A Doctor on Offspring

Lawrence played a guest role on Network Ten’s Offspring as obstetrician Elvis Kwan. His parents were proud he was finally became a doctor.




Correspondent for The Feed (SBS2)

Lawrence also appears on SBS2′s  The Feed as a guest reporter. The Feed is a news/technology/culture show on weeknights 7:30pm on SBS2.



Some stories required him to “immerse” himself into a subculture. For example, Lawrence armed himself with a foam rubber sword and GoPro camera and go into battle against 300 Live Action Role Players in a forest for a story about LARPing.



Here are a selection of his reports:


Lawrence is trapped in an Escape Room






Dead celebrities can still sell you stuff




Moody Superheroes: Why So Serious?



Do Spoilers actually improve movie/TV viewing?



Magicians & Time Travellers



Celebrity Reality Shows


Ryan Gosling






King Kong & Musical Monkey Business



Shit Videogames



New videos will be added as they go to air.


“The Last Thing You Remember Before All The Things You Forgot”

Here’s Lawrence’s performance from the  GRAPHIC FESTIVAL as part of the live RADIO WITH PICTURES broadcast. He appears on-stage at the Sydney Opera House while comic book artist Leigh Rigozzi illustrates it on the big screen and a soundtrack accompaniment is played live by cellist Pete Hollo.


This vodcast is presented as it was screened at the live event, it contains sections where the screen is black and it is in its original 4:3 format.



RADIO WITH PICTURES matches storytellers, comedians, writers and radio makers with artists and musicians for a “live radio recording” vibe of yesteryear.


Listen & see the other stories/documentaries/radio plays from the Radio With Pictures’ Sydney Opera House broadcast here: VODCASTS


(photo: FBI Radio)



A brand new live show for the Melbourne and Sydney comedy festivals!




Lawrence wants to be like Sherlock. All he needs is a case to solve, a loyal assistant and a nemesis. Apply within.


Taking cues from the world’s greatest sleuth, Lawrence battles wits, exposes lies and uncovers hidden truths. Can anyone become a great detective or is he just deceiving himself?


The new show from the beardy guy behind Lawrence Wants A Jetpack and Lawrence Learns to Breakdance (Winner Age Critics’ Award 2007 Melbourne International Comedy Festival) and the ABC TV comedy shows Choose Your Own Adventure and Unbelievable.


Nice words about his previous show:

“FOUR STARS” - The Times (UK)

“Leung really knocks it out of the park. FOUR STARS” - Herald Sun

“A master storyteller with spot-on comic timing.” - The West Australian




March 28-April 21

Swiss Club, 89 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD

Tue-Sat 9.30pm, Sun 8.30pm





Wednesday 24 - 28 April

The Factory Theatre, Marrickville

Wed-Sat 9:15pm, Sunday 8:15pm


Plus extra show just announced for Sydney:

Tue 30 April, 7:15PM

The Concourse, Chatswood, NSW







A Meeting of Skeptics


Three weeks before the Mayan Calendar’s Apocalypse, Lawrence was a guest speaker at the 2012 Australian Skeptics National Convention.


photo: Mark Hassed


Despite the title, skeptics do seem to believe in things - like defending science and ‘calling bullshit’ over media myths, medical hoaxes and bogus scientific claims. They do this online, in courtrooms, in the media and mostly over beers in the pub, but this time they gathered at Melbourne Uni’s Spot Theatre for two days of panels with scientists, educators, critical thinking activists and exposers of quackery.


photo: Mark Hassed


Speakers include McKinnon Secondary’s maths teacher Adam Van Langenberg who set up a lunchtime “Sceptic School”, US blogger Rebecca Watson gave a fantastic talk on social media activism. ‘Point of Inquiry’ host and JREF President, DJ Grothe painted picture of pro-science activism in every corner of the globe from US to India. Renowned skeptic James Randi gave a keynote address about his adventurous career as a stage-magician-turned-crusader exposing fraudulant “psychics”, pseudoscientific claims and superstition.


James Randi and Lawrence who hasn’t perfected his sceptical face.



Lawrence spoke about his experiences making “Unbelievable” a globe-trotting 6-part comedy documentary series that investigated the impossible and irrational. Originally pitched as “Ghostbusters meets Mythbusters”, the ABC1 series became a unique and beloved combination of science, psychology and comedy.





Via Powerpoint, nice font choice and painstaking research into what makes TED Talks so “inspirational” (lots of pacing of the stage and ironed shirts tucked in jeans), Lawrence’s presentation went back to where it all began: from debunking Santa at his primary school to explaining how a geek managed to convince a TV network to make a comedy series promoting science and reason. He also covered some fun behind-the-scenes encounters, the reaction to the series both positive and negative, and argued that a vital mix of “entertainment and education” can be so much more than your Year 10 science teacher doing Uranus jokes.


Big congrats to the VicSkeptics for convening the event.




Part Stand Up, Part Comic Book, Part Radio Show



As part of GRAPHIC FESTIVAL, Lawrence is telling a fun story on-stage at the Sydney Opera House while comic book artist Leigh Rigozzi illustrates it on the big screen. The two will be accompanied with a live soundtrack by cellist Pete Hollo. This is gonna be so much fun!



The event is called RADIO WITH PICTURES and matches storytellers, comedians, writers and radio makers with artists and musicians for a “live radio recording” vibe of yesteryear.


Storytellers include Lawrence Leung, Nina Las Vegas, Anna Barnes and Courtney Collins, a new work by John Birmingham adapted for radio by Simon Bedak and Jamie McNamara.


They are paired with illustrations from Biddy Maroney, Georgia Perry, Matt Huynh, Sara Drake, Leigh Riggozi, Matt Taylor, Brian Duong with musical support from Lilith Lane, Sam Worrad, Peter Hollo, Adam Hulbert and Luke Mynott.


(photo: FBI Radio)






but there’s a



In a bar there’s a LIVE simulcast at The Hive Bar in Erskineville in Sydney.

We’re told digital radios will be on hand screening images alongside the radio broadcast.

Sun 11th Nov 3:30pm SHARP

The Hive Bar is at 93 Erskineville Road, Erskineville.