Lawrence hosts ABC TV doco series OUR BRAIN

Lawrence is the presenter of OUR BRAIN, a 4-part ABC TV science documentary series about the most impressive organ you have… not that one.

Breakthroughs in brain imaging and genetics has made it possible to understand how the interplay of genes and environment affect the mind, and ultimately, tell us how to live better.

The OUR BRAIN series is a TV compilation of knowledge covering the mind, featuring the work of top science docomakers, leading neuroscientists, case studies and fascinating research to give you a user’s guide to the secrets behind that squishy grey matter in your skull. Lawrence might even donate himself as a guinea pig in an experiment or two…

Over 4 weeks, episodes will help us understand CONSCIOUSNESS, become SMARTER, get a better night’s SLEEP and how to be HAPPIER.

OUR BRAIN 9:30pm from Tuesdays 31 May 2022 ABC TV and stream NOW on iView.

Lawrence’s haunting new project – THE DAVENPORT SÈANCE

Co-devised by Professor Richard Wiseman & Lawrence Leung

Presented by Lawrence Leung

Brave participants are needed for a séance. Do you believe in the afterlife? Do you dare take a seat in the secret room?

Famed UK psychologist/sceptic Richard Wiseman and TV comedian/paranormal enthusiast Lawrence Leung invite you to be part of a supernatural experiment.

“The Davenport Séance” is a unique, fully immersive 30min experience that takes place in dark Victorian-era room. A handful of (un)lucky souls will go on a haunting journey into 19th century spirit mediumship from Melbourne’s hidden past. A bell will be rung. Lamps will be switched off. The séance will begin…

Seats are limited, so book immediately. TICKETS HERE

Please note: The performance duration is approx. 30mins and there is a strict lock-out/no latecomer policy. Not for the faint-hearted.



  • Tues 29 Jun 2021 7:00pm PREVIEW SHOW (Discounted) SOLD OUT
  • Tues 29 Jun 2021 8:00pm SOLD OUT
  • Wed 30 Jun 2021 8:00pm SOLD OUT
  • Wed 30 Jun 2021 9:00pm EXTRA SHOWSOLD OUT
  • Thur 1 Jul 2021 8:00pm SOLD OUT
  • Thur 1 Jul 2021 9:00pm EXTRA SHOW – SOLD OUT


PROFESSOR RICHARD WISEMAN is a best selling author, psychologist and magician. His books have sold over 3 million copies worldwide, he holds Britain’s only Professorship in the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, and he is a Member of the Inner Magic Circle. Richard’s psychology-based YouTube videos have attracted over 500 million views, he is a Director of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and he had acted as a creative consultant, including work with Derren Brown, The Twilight Zone and the hit television show, Brain Games.

LAWRENCE LEUNG is an award-winning comedian, screenwriter and mentalist. His 6-part ABC TV series UNBELIEVABLE was a globe-trotting comedy/documentary that dropped Lawrence into so-called paranormal ‘hot-spots’ to examine the edge between self-deception, illusion and the unexplainable. He has spoken about paranormal investigation at science and skeptics’ conferences, lectured on the psychology of magic and made a feature film about con artists (SUCKER, 2017 NSW Premier’s Literary Award finalist). His mentalism show VERY STRANGE THINGS (Best Comedy Nominee 2018 Fringe World, Winner of MMF 2017 Director’s Choice Award) was a hit in theatres around Australia. His most recent show CONNECTED, an interactive virtual performance, was part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s digital program and also performed in association with London’s Soho Theatre.

The Davenport Séance is a special immersive event as part of the 2021 Melbourne Magic Festival.

Night of the Nerds @ World Science Festival

UPDATE – Cancelled due to COVID19.

Lawrence will feature alongside a team of scientists, experts and fellow geeks at the World Science Festival Brisbane’s very own – and very nerdy – variety show! Hosted by satirist Mark Humphries, the big night will kick off with a big bang as Dr Karl shares his latest and greatest moments in science, then the stage is set to show off the country’s biggest nerds.


28 Mar 2020, 7pm QPAC, Brisbane (Cancelled)