Correspondent for The Feed (SBS2)

Lawrence also appears on SBS2’s  The Feed as a guest reporter. The Feed is a news/technology/culture show on weeknights 7:30pm on SBS2.

Some stories required him to “immerse” himself into a subculture. For example, Lawrence armed himself with a foam rubber sword and GoPro camera and go into battle against 300 Live Action Role Players in a forest for a story about LARPing.

Here are a selection of his reports:

Lawrence is trapped in an Escape Room


Dead celebrities can still sell you stuff

Moody Superheroes: Why So Serious?

Do Spoilers actually improve movie/TV viewing?

Magicians & Time Travellers

Celebrity Reality Shows

Ryan Gosling


King Kong & Musical Monkey Business

Shit Videogames

New videos will be added as they go to air.

“The Last Thing You Remember Before All The Things You Forgot”

Here’s Lawrence’s performance from the  GRAPHIC FESTIVAL as part of the live RADIO WITH PICTURES broadcast. He appears on-stage at the Sydney Opera House while comic book artist Leigh Rigozzi illustrates it on the big screen and a soundtrack accompaniment is played live by cellist Pete Hollo.

This vodcast is presented as it was screened at the live event, it contains sections where the screen is black and it is in its original 4:3 format.

RADIO WITH PICTURES matches storytellers, comedians, writers and radio makers with artists and musicians for a “live radio recording” vibe of yesteryear.

Listen & see the other stories/documentaries/radio plays from the Radio With Pictures’ Sydney Opera House broadcast here: VODCASTS

(photo: FBI Radio)

Hottest 100 Magic

January is Triple J Hottest 100 month when the national radio station asks the country to vote for their favourite songs and broadcasts the big countdown on Australia Day. It’s dubbed the world’s biggest musical democracy!

The theme this year is Magic, so they asked obsessive magic-tragic Lawrence Leung to direct a series of cunning and tricky web videos to help encourage voting and pop a few eyeballs.

Lawrence teamed up with his old magic buddy from Uni days, the world championship award-winning illusionist Simon Coronel to conjure up a series of mind-bending videos.

The videos feature jaw-dropping “right-under-your-nose” sleight of hand magic – WITHOUT any sneaky CGI or post-production FX trickery and were heavily featured on triplej’s online channels and Hottest 100 voting campaign.

Videos shot/directed by Lawrence Leung

Magic Routines Devised/Performed by Simon Coronel & Lawrence Leung

Lawrence Leung’s Unbelievable

A mind-bending six-part documentary comedy series that you will have to see to believe. Starting June 15, 2011.

Wednesdays, 9:30pm on ABC1 and repeated Thurs 9pm ABC2


Lawrence Leung’s Unbelievable is a globe-trotting comedy documentary series that investigates the impossible and irrational. With a rare formula of science, psychology and silliness, the ABC1 comedy series has been billed as “Ghostbusters meets Mythbusters”.


Photo: Ben King


The first half of the series is about the paranormal and asks whether the truth really “out there” or inside our minds?


EP 1: Psychics

EP 2: Ghosts



The second half of the series takes a look at deception and illusion in more familiar worlds.


EP 4: Magic

EP 5: Manipulation

EP 6: The Experiment


Tell us what you think of the show by joining the conversation at the

Official Facebook page and on Twitter using the hashtag #unbelieve

Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure


Nominated for Best Television Comedy at the 2009 AFI Awards, Lawrence Leung’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” is a 6-part comedy documentary that aired on ABC1 in 2009. It’s a series that asks two questions:


“What did you want to be as a kid but never got around to? What if you could do it now?”


Lawrence goes on an adventure of a lifetime to attempt to achieve his childhood dreams… it’s poignant, personal and piss funny.



Can he be a real man in a hardcore pro-wrestling ring? Can he beat the world’s fastest Rubik’s Cube speedsolvers in an underground Fight Club? Can he find MacGyver in Los Angeles? Will he prove he’s cool by breakdancing with Shabba Doo, star of cult classic “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo”? Can he survive a rap battle on the mean streets of L.A. or rock out live on MTV? And will he find true love with his childhood crush after more than twenty years?


Guided by mentors and scrutinised by his loving but concerned parents (Lawrence’s real mum and dad), Lawrence tries to make his naïve dreams come true as an adult. Lawrence’s quest is hair-raising, heart-warming and hilarious.