Pro-science comedian and celebrated nerd, Lawrence Leung hosted the 33rd Annual Australian Sceptics Conference, if you can believe it.

Skepticon Australia was a massive two day event in Sydney for all lovers of science & mythbusting. Speakers included scientists, documentary filmmakers, astrophysicists, former-naturopaths, doctors against anti-vaxxers, cancer biologists, poets, secular activists, comedians and podcasters.

Prof Alan Duffy and a Mars Rover.

Some highlights included ‘walking-wikipedia’ Dr Karl talking about Great Moments in Skepticism, Youtube sensation Captain Disillusion talking about viral scepticism without the cynicism,  vaccination campaigner Catherine Hughes relating her encounters the anti-vax movement, ABC’s astrophysicist Professor Alan Duffy introducing a Mars Rover on stage , Cara Santa Maria (Talk Nerdy, National Geographic) dissecting the state of science communication in post-truth America, Ruth Ellison on escaping a religious cult, and a live recording from the comedic Cognitive Dissonance podcast.

Attempting to solve a Rubik’s Cube whilst blindfolded is one way to impress and out-geek the celebrity super-minds in my company.

The Bent Spoon Award – Australia’s least coveted prize is bestowed annually upon the country’s biggest bullshitter. This is an individual or organisation that peddles nonsense claims or products without any scientific evidence that they actually work, or the promotion of pseudoscience in the public sphere.


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