We Built a “Mystery Box” for the Dark Matters Exhibition

Creative collaborators Lawrence Leung, Dom Chambers and Dr Vyom Sharma have designed a brand new interactive art installation for the DARK MATTERS Exhibition at Science Gallery Melbourne. It’s now on show and bending peoples’ minds.

The installation is a collision of Art, Science, Philosophy and Illusion that explores the theme of the Unknown, the Unseen and the unsettling (yet exhilarating) state of not-knowing.

A glass cube of creepy black liquid sits in the middle of a dark pool of water. Visitors to the exhibit are invited to stare into the black aquarium and asked: “What do you see in the Darkness?”

Visitors write down their single “thought” on a small sheet of paper and place these among the collection of thoughts on the back wall.

Then during scheduled times (various Saturday lunchtimes and monthly Friday Night Parties events) the Mystery Box will be “activated” in a mind-bending and awesome live performance… where the secret of the Box will be revealed.

The Presenters performing the ‘activation’ over the special events of 2023 will be Vyom Sharma, Dom Chambers, Lawrence Leung, Liam Jumpertz, Lachlan Wilde and Caleb Street.

The Creators Lawrence, Dom and Vyom combined their shared backgrounds in magic, illusion design, science communication and storytelling to create this enigmatic immersive experience.

Mystery Box can be experienced at the DARK MATTERS EXHIBITION with free entry until December:

700 Swanston St

Enter via Grattan

St Parkville, Melbourne, Australia.

Sat 19 August 2023: 12:15pm
Sat 26 August 2023: 12:15pm
Friday Night Social Event 1st Sept 2023: 7:30pm
Sat 9 Sept 2023: 12:15pm
More dates to be announced. Check the Science Gallery website for updates for the Special Performances when the Box is activated.