Lawrence is an investigator for new ABC show “WTFAQ”

Lawrence is dusting off his detective skills for ABC’s all-new 8-part fact-finding, myth-busting, truth-seeking show WTFAQ (pronounced What The FAQ).

The premise is delightfully simple. ABC viewers and the public have answered our call-out for Questions. Any Question. About Anything. Then, our team of investigative comedians leave no stone unturned to find you the answer.

WTFAQ’s crack team of presenters – Chas Licciardello, Alex Lee, Lawrence Leung, Lou Wall, Cameron James and Kirsten Drysdale – hit the sweet spot where comedy meets inquisition to answer the questions that have sparked curiosity in the minds of our audience for far too long.

They perform scientific experiments and demonstrations, talk to experts, put their bodies on the line and even answer the odd question with a full-blown musical sequence. They’ll go to whatever lengths it takes to find the answers to questions including:

  • Is it really dangerous to use my phone on the plane?
  • Do dogs really love their owners?
  • Is Centrelink’s hold music deliberately annoying?
  • Are gas stoves bad for your health?
  • Who comes up with the names for paint colours and why are they so weird?
  • Why is yawning contagious?
  • What would a truly representative Federal parliament look like?
  • Are there any names you legally cannot call your children?

I know you have a question. “When is the show on”?

Answer: Wednesdays on ABC, from August 30th, 9pm.